Good marketing results don't just happen–you gotta work it!

There is a distubing trend I have seen lately that is driving me crazy, so I need to get it off my chest.

That trend is people whining about results of their marketing and advertising methods.  I’ve met with several new clients recently where they say “nothing works” or “was disappointed with the results of my latest sales letter”, or something similar.

When I asked them if they had consulted with any one before meeting with me; many in fact, had previously discussed marketing strategies and ideas with other consultants.

So why the poor results, and why are these people complaining about those results?

After further digging, I found that some of the marketing advice given to these people was actually pretty good advice; some I would have given them myself.

The other common thread I found was that, even after paying for and getting good marketing advice in the past, was that they didn’t do anything with the advice they had paid for!  Instead, they kept doing the same thing they always did— and, guess what?

 Yep…they got what they always got.  Poor results!

After talking with me, many, but not all, blamed the previous consultant for their own poor results, when the blame truly rested squarely on their own shoulders for not following the advice given them.  I did set them straight.  Some admitted it, some didnt like it much.  But, that’s the way it goes.

No one likes to listen to complainers!

Once in a while, I run into the same thing myself.  I will talk to a prospect, maybe they can’t afford my services right away, but still need to do something. So what I tell them is this.

Go to my website  and sign up for my free Marketing Gems 101 newsletter that gives free marketing tips every few weeks.  Then they will at least have some good free information to act on themselves.

A few weeks later, I will contact them to see how it’s going, and, guess what?  They usually say “the same as before”.

Well, I already know why.  It’s because they haven’t done anything different than before, or anything at all.  I ask them if they signed up for the free tips.  Heck, they didn’t even sign up for the tips that would have started them off in the right direction!  FOR FREE! 

I got no sympathy for people who complain because of lack of their own actions.  You gotta do something about your own marketing.  It isn’t magic and it doesn’t happen all by itself. Take Action!

Granted, not everything will work, but many things will.  You’ll never know until you try.  Marketing is a big test.  No right, no wrong, just some things will work better than others, but you gotta do it.

Sometimes, I have to act like a nagging parent, but if that’s what prompts my clients to do something, than I’ve done my job.  If I (or anyone else) give you actionable tasks and you dont do ’em, you have no one to bitch about except yourself!

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