This is a great time to advertise and market your business!

Why are so many companies reducing, or worse yet, completely eliminating their advertising and marketing?

It doesn’t make any sense.

Think about it…

I understand the economy isn’t the greatest.  The thing is though; this is actually a great time to increase your investment in advertising and marketing, not reduce it.

With so many of your competitors shutting down their marketing machine (if they even had one), the amount of mail and messages received by your clients is way down because no one wants to let go of their cash.

What that means to you is this:

You now have a greater audience that’s seeing much less advertising from your competitors, so yours will stand out more.

That’s assuming your ads and marketing techniques are solid and built on time-proven direct marketing principles.

Past marketing surveys show when a economic problem turns around, the companies that increased investment in their own marketing  during the slow times showed a significant increase in sales over ones that didn’t.

So what are you waiting for?

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