Re-energize yourself and your business

Re-focus on your primary business growth strategies

Here it is on October 13th 2008, Columbus Day.

Even though it’s a federal holiday, some of us continue to work anyway.

But what are we working at?

The phone isn’t necessarily ringing off the hook. After all, many people are not working today.

If you are in retail, you’re doing just that, working in your stores.  If not, then you’re probably playing catch up with paperwork or organizing, or maybe even just reading the daily newspaper.

I find that days lke this are a great time to sit back and think about things such as your personal and business goals, plus your marketing and advertising strategies that will determine your future success.

This “thinking” time also helps me look deep inside to kind of jumpstart myself.

After all, days and opportunities like this don’t come around too often, so to me, I will take advantage of the holiday to figure out my next steps so that when things turn around, I will be in a much better position to capitalize.

There’s always so much to do during normal work days while you work for your business, it’s a nice break to think and strategize on how you’ll work at your business.

Take advantage of this great “thinking” opportunity and re-energize yourself and your future.

And if you’re not working, be sure to have an ice cold one for me!

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