Market yourself by developing new relationships face-to-face

The rest of this week will be incredibly hectic for me as I prepare for a 4 day copywriting and marketing seminar in Florida.

Actually, they call it a Bootcamp.  And it’s called that for a reason.  14 hour days from 7AM to 9PM each day.  Fortunately, there are short breaks between presenters to get up and stretch my legs and get a drink.

I’ve had a few friends ask me why I’m going.  It’s not cheap, you know.  Between the seminar cost, hotel, and airfare plus the cost of not doing any “real” work for 4 days, it adds up fast.  After thinking about it for a couple minutes, the answer is obvious.

Other than continuing my education and learning the secret tricks from some of the worl’d best marketing and writing minds, the biggest reason is networking.  You know, not computer networking, but people networking. I’ve already set goals to introduce myself and talk to some of these gurus between sessions. I also will be meeting other attendees, others who are there for the same reasons I am.

We seem to forget how important these new relationships really are.  Often, a simple conversation can turn into a full fledged job or new partnership of some kind.  Last year, I met 5 other people who live within 40 miles of me.  now, we stay in touch by meeting for dinner once a month and brainstormig ideas, and providing moral support for each other.

And that’s what it’s all about!

You can (and should) advertise and market yourself with online and offline methods, but you should also remember to always network yourself at trade shows and other networking events where you can meet other people that share your ideas.

So, time’s running short so I need to finish getting ready.  It will be a long 4 days, jam packed with information and meeting new friends… but it will be worth it.

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