How I can write more effective sales copy for my clients

After spending 3 incredibly intense 14 hour days at a copywriting conference, I’m happy to be home.

Now comes the monumental task of sifting through the mountains of information, notes, business cards, presentation materials and such so I can follow up with all the new friends I made in the marketing and sales copywriting business.

After watching one of the world’s masters of writing sales copy feverishly taking notes during someone else’s presentation; it hit me like a ton of bricks – He is continuing to learn new writing tips and techniques just like the rest of us.

I was amazed… The “teacher” learning from others.  It was then I realized that no matter what profession you’re in, you need to continuously learn and practice your craft.  Even the pros keep learning.

What it means to my clients is that I can write even better, more effective sales copy for websites, sales letters, email promos, or whatever because I am also still learning new techniques; it never stops.

So remember this, you can never know everything, so keep learning about your trade every chance you get.

Your clients and future clients will thank you for it!

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