Effective marketing takes persistence

Thanksgiving is over now, and what a great Thanksgiving I had.  My son came home from Iraq the day before for a 2 week leave. And let me tell you, we were sure surprised!

Anyway, now is the time for all of us to get back to work and also to work on on marketing our businesses.

Many people know they should do some marketing, whether it’s updating their website, posting articles, ads, or sending out some postcards or sales letters.

But unfortunately for them, most do absolutely nothing!  Why?  Because they feel that they have to go in all or nothing, and don’t want to start anything that will cost time or money.

This is just plain wrong.  You should do something!  Even if you just send out a few postcards a day, or write one blog post, but something is better than nothing.  With time, there will be an accumulative effect.

Here’s how I think of it after I heard this saying recently:

A very successful business owner was once asked what was his big secret to getting so many new clients was, and his answer was:

I dont know of one way to get 100 hundred new clients, but… I know of 100 ways to easliy get one new client!

Basically, what he says is to keep plugging away, doing at least one thing, no matter how small it seems, every day to promote and market yourself.  Be persistent!  It isn’t all about hitting the home run each time.

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