Marketing your business in a recession – without a bailout

If you’ve stopped advertising and marketing, waiting for the government to give you a bailout package, well… let’s just say you’re out of luck.

I shake my head at the “big businesses” as they ask to be bailed out with billions of dollars.  And it’s not the government’s money.  It’s our money!  You know, we the taxpayers.

I’ve talked to a number of business owners, and often hear… “Maybe Washington will bail us out, too.  After all, it’s my money.”  Granted, it’s mostly in fun… but during these rough times, it’s a serious situation for many.

Business owners and sales professionals alike need to belly up to the bar, and make some smart marketing moves now instead of waiting for the “bailout” that will never come or just as bad, waiting for the economy to turn around, which could be many months, or even years.

Not to be a doom and gloom type of guy, but this is the best time for you to continue implementing a sound marketing strategy, while your competitors are shriveling up in their turtle shells, trying to wait this whole ordeal out.

I know you want to spend your hard-earned money wisely, so do I.  But spend it on marketing activities you can directly track ROI, not on “branding” or your “image”.  Then, when this craziness is over, you’ll have some new customers to thank, while your competitors go by-by.

Keep in mind, some of the most successful companies were born in the Great Depression and other “bad” economic times. Hewlett Packard and Sony are just two that come to mind.

So, write the right sales messages to the right people, using the right media at the right time and you will be far more profitable than anyone else in your industry.

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