Increase your business profits with these proven copy tips

Every day brings endless sales letters and postcards to your mailbox.

Companies selling everything from windows to internet service to septic cleaning to lawn services.

How many of them do you open and read? Oh… I get it, you just throw ‘em away, like most other people that get them.

Have you ever thought about the reason for not reading them?

I have, and so it doesn’t happen to you, I’m going to give you 3 solid, actionable tips you can immediately use in your own advertising and marketing materials. (and all 3 work with postcards or letters)

  1. There’s no headline that gets there attention by communicating a big benefit of your product or service to your customer. (Think about this… How many pieces of mail do you get where the company name is dominantly displayed in the biggest font?) Give your customers a reason to open the mail and read further. Use incentives such as free information to get new leads.
  2. Quit talking all about you, instead, talk about how your product or service can help solve their problems. No one really cares about your company name and how big your building is…They only care about one thing. Themselves. We call it WIIFM, meaning “What’s in it for me”.
  3. Don’t let your copy be boring. Most sales copy sounds like it was written by a legal department in a bog corporation, and to be honest with you, after a few seconds of blah, blah, blah, you’re bored to death! Be interesting, so the copy sounds like it was written by a real person with a real personality. People will read it if it sounds personal.

So go ahead and start writing better copy. Your response rates will surely surpass anything you’ve done, even if all you do is use these 3 guidelines in your copy.

To get more information about this post, marketing advice, or about my sales copywriting services, e-mail me or call me at 603-686-5140.

Merrill Clark
Website and Marketing Copywriter
Crestview Marketing Services

2 thoughts on “Increase your business profits with these proven copy tips

  1. copywriting trainer Ben

    Hi Merrill

    I’m a copywriting trainer from the UK. Even though a Brit like me may speak in a different way and spell words a little strangely compared to you guys, when it comes to copywriting I teach exactly the same sound principles that you are recommending here in your article.

    Congratulations on a great site.


  2. Merrill


    Thanks so much for your positive feedback.

    I believe direct response priciples are key to effective advertising and marketing. And I suppose a little luck never heard anyone, either.


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