Keep your customers happy – by constantly keeping in touch

Statistics show that you will lose 10-17% of your customers each month if you don’t constantly stay in touch with them.

Can your business afford to lose that many customers? I didn’t think so.

Let’s look at why this happens?

Two huge reasons are:

  1. The customer thinks your company doesn’t really care about keeping them as a customer. (which isn’t really true)
  2. Because they never hear from you, they won’t remember you when they need your services, or maybe even think you went out of business.

Customers like to feel important, and do like to periodically hear from you.

So how can you, as a business professional, prevent a continuous exodus of your customers that will ultimately go to your competitor?

It’s actually easy. Just find an economical way to continually keep in touch with them!

There’s many ways such as monthly newsletters, holiday cards, flyers promoting special events, thank you cards, and auto-responders.

Here are just a few of the benefits of using online auto-responders.

  1. They are economical because they use opt-in email to send your message.
  2. Auto-responders are relatively easy to set up
  3. After you set it up, you can keep in constant touch with customers automatically at pre-determined intervals
  4. Your customers will think you care, and you will be in their minds when they need your services again.
  5. You can track open rates and clicks so you know which emails and links are most effective, putting more money in your pocket.

The service I use on each of my own websites is Aweber. You can check out their serviceĀ for free for 3 months by clicking here.

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Merrill Clark
Website and Marketing Copywriter
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