Target your marketing campaign to maximize the results

Aim your marketing and advertising directly at only the people that could become your customer – and assuming your message, timing, and choice of media is right, the results will speak for themselves.

Today, my wife showed me an oversized postcard she got at the office she works for.

She brought it home and asked me to look at it and tell her why they would send one to her, knowing full well her type of company would never think of using this particular service.

It was a great question, and it also proves a valuable marketing point.

In this case, it was a parking lot striping company and they sent their postcard (a poorly written one, at that) to an accounting office in a huge office building, obviously that didn’t have the least bit to do with maintaining the office building or grounds.

I told her how unfortunately, many companies waste significant amounts of money marketing to the wrong people. They do mass mailings without filtering the lists of prospects to get the best results.

What they should have done is sent the postcard to the owner of the building, not the tenants.

The moral of this story is this:

When businesses send out marketing materials to generate leads or sales, make sure the list you send it to is approporiate for your products or services.

The overall list size will be much smaller, but your overall costs will be less and your response rates will be much higher.

The best chance of a successful marketing campaign follows this basic formula:

You need to send the right message to the right people, at the right time, using the right media.

If you follow this proven rule, your campaigns will be much more successful than a mailing blitz.

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Merrill Clark
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