Advertisements must be understood by your audience before they'll work

If your target audience doesn’t “get” your ads, they sure as heck ain’t gonna work!

For example: While watching a TV ad for Volkswagen recently, I chuckled, but my wife just sat there and looked at me like I had three heads.

The particular part of this commercial was comparing the engine sounds of their new car with the sound made by this other guy’s new hybrid. The VW sounded like vroom, vroom, vroom, while the other guy said his sounded like swoosh swoosh, all air.

Anyway, I chuckled because I knew what the comparison was and what a hybrid could sound like…but my wife – well, she didn’t. So she had no idea why the guy was making the swooshing sound and was completely confused, so the commercial made absolutely no sense to her, at least until I told her.

So all you advertisers out there: Remember to make sure your ads don’t confuse your target market. Make sure they understand all the elements in your ad and you’ll have a much better chance to get their attention and convert them to customers.

If they are bored or confused, you’ll surely never see ’em buying your goods.

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