Effective marketing is just like dating

Getting a new client from your marketing campaign is just like getting a new boyfriend or girlfriend.

Think about it for a second:

When you are scouring the landscape for a mate, what’s the first thing you see one you like? Their looks, of course.

Well – their physical looks are just like the attention-getting headline in an ad or sales copy for your product or service.

It’s step #1. “Get their attention“.

Now the other person has got your attention with their “looks”, you talk with them and see if they’re interested, too.

If you’ve got that far, the next logical step is to talk them into going out on a first date, isn’t it?

From the marketing side, that’s the equivalent of  getting your prospect to read the first sentence or paragraph of the ad or sales copy.  They will determine if it’s still important enough to them to keep reading.

Now, back to the dating scene – if all goes well (and I hope it does, I do have feelings, ya know), you’ll go on a second date, and a third one, and so on and so one until, well, you become an “item.”

Before a new client opens their wallet, they need to trust you, and you do that by developing a relationship. 

Now – something else to think about…

Do you know what the real purpose of all those dates were? Come on now, at least give me a guess.

Okay– The biggest reason was to … build a relationship and trust!

Wow! Just like your sales copy and marketing processes should do.

I mean, people buy things more often from companies (and people) they like and trust. It’s human nature.

So…Is your sales copy, ads, web sites, postcards, and whatever other materials doing a reasonably good job at developing trust and building up a relationship with your prospects?


Do you just talk about yourself and how good you are, not giving a second thought to the person reading it or what they might be looking for?

It’s a powerful and valid question, though.

Think about this, too… Do you go up to the boy or girl you were attracted to and immediately ask them to marry you?

No. (not usually anyway, unless alcohol is involved)

With dating or business – The more time spent developing the trust and relationship, the more successful it will be!

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To your marketing success!

Merrill Clark
Website and Marketing Copywriter
Crestview Marketing Services LLC

2 thoughts on “Effective marketing is just like dating

  1. Roger C. Parker

    Dear Merrill:
    Great analogy and very thought-provoking. If more businesses would think in objective terms of strategy and relationship, rather than subjective issues like “I like the colors,” their websites would generate profits rather than overhead.

    BTW, your post took me in a different direction than I thought you were going. I thought you were going to discuss the importance of web site image, in terms of freedom from clutter and distraction. So, I learned something new! Thank you.


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