Improve customer retention rates by “going the extra mile”

Do at least 80% or more of your customers stay with you year after year – or do they jump ship to your competition as soon as a better offer comes along?

If you have to think about the answer,  you most likely have some work to do. 

And one of the biggest things you can do is this:

Make sure your company promotes non-stop customer loyalty by providing a superior total customer experience – from the time they first learn about you – till they become and continue to be loyal customers.

People like to be treated with respect, feel like they’re dealing with a company that actually cares about their wants and needs, and to be dealt with by competent people.

If they aren’t getting each one of these – chances are they’ll jump ship to your competition the second they offer a “better deal”.

Think about companies such as L.L. Bean and Disney… Both provide unmatched customer service from every employee, from maintenance to phone order takers.

They are all trained to be customer advocates, no matter their primary job functions are.

And they consistently go the extra mile by being flexible and compassionate, taking care of their customers at almost any cost.

That’s why they are always at the top of customer satisfaction surveys, and why customers remain customers.

Conservative estimates are that it costs seven times as much to get a new customer than to keep a current customer!

Talk about Return on Investment! (for the companies that practice great service)

Ramp up your customer service skills and watch your customers continue to buy from you – not your main competitor down the street.

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