Persuasive advertising and sales copy is “salesmanship in print”

The only goal of any ad or sales letter or website copy should be to persuade somebody to take a specific action!

It’s to sell the reader on calling you, visiting your shop or website, giving you their contact information, or some other specific action.

An in order to accomplish that, the copywriter needs to know a little bit about selling, in addition to writing persuasive sales copy.

Many, many years ago, famous copywriter John E. Kennedy (no…not the President), once said that all advertising copy is “salesmanship in print“.

And that’s why some of the world’s best ad copywriters were as good as they were – because they had past experience and success in sales. They also knew if they put the successful thoughts and tactics used to sell in writing, they would sell even more.

Effectively creating an army of thousands, tens of thousands, or even millions of salesmen.

That, my friend, is where your business can take advantage of direct response marketing, by taking advantage of numbers. One salesman can’t effectively sell to 10,000 prospects by himself, but by golly, a masterful sales letter or ad sure can.

Now you could call it  –  “salesmanship in print multiplied”!

Just keep in mind, to create a successful promotion, you must cater to your market, and use the art of persuasion, not branding, in the sales copy to sell them your product.

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To your marketing success!

Merrill Clark
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