Why personalized direct mail copy works better

Do you want to get better results from your direct mail campaigns?

Try using personalization.

Now – keep in mind – personalization can take on many forms and meanings.

My meaning is simple: It’s the words and offer you use to generate leads and sales. Words that show the reader you’re talking specifically with them.

It can be as simple as using their real names in the salutation of the sales letter, or as complicated as writing about a previous purchase they made and how your new gizmo will make their previous purchase work a million times better.

Even better yet, using their name, telling how your gizmo will help their life, and making an irresistible offer…just for them. One they just can’t refuse!

A personal letter shows them you know what they like, and you care about them getting the most out of their investment in other products.

Basically – personalization shows your reader that you know them. I mean – that’s about as personal as you can get.

When creating your offers and writing the sales copy, be as personal as you can, ( I guess you could take that to the extreme, but don’t) and you could boost results by 20-30% – maybe even more depending on the quality of your list and the relevance of your product or service to them.

Remember…consumers (and that includes business people, too) deal with people, not robots or companies.

So first and foremost, write for people and give it the personal touch. I think you’ll be glad you did.

Oh…and by the way…personalization also works just as well, if not better, with a combination of email and website marketing!

What do you think about this technique?

I’d like to know.

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To your marketing success!

Merrill Clark
Website and Marketing Copywriter

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