What my blind friend can teach you about writing powerful sales copy

Last week, a friend of the family, who happens to be blind, stayed with me and my wife for a few days.

During her visit, we talked about many things including family, politics, and life in general.

I had just finished telling her all about my wife’s company’s summer outing aboard a chartered boat in Boston Harbor. I explained in detail all the highlights and even some of the non-highlights.

Then she said something that hit me right between the eyes. I call it one of my “duh” moments.

She said “Wow, Merrill – what a great time you must have had. As you told the story, I felt like I was there experiencing it for myself.”

Now, to be honest, I try to include a tad more detail about things when talking with her anyway, but her statement floored me.

What she said also applied to writing sales copy.

Engaging stories are proven to sell and generate interest, and one key to successful sales copy based on a story lead is to make your reader feel the experience and details just like they were there themselves.

People love stories, especially when they include vivid details, because it engages their feelings and emotions, then encourages them to take the action you want.

So get writing your next sales story today.

Any thoughts? I’d like to know.

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To your marketing success!

Merrill Clark
Website and Marketing Copywriter

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