Know who your target market really is…or fail

It’s crucial to the success of your ad or marketing materials that your sales message is laser-focused to a specific market.

Think about it, you wouldn’t (generally speaking) try to sell dirt bikes to an audience of 65 year olds, would you?

This topic came to mind recently while listening to a conversation between my 52 year-old wife and my 85 year-old neighbor (we’ll call him Bob for security reasons).

My wife was singing high praises to Bob about how much she enjoyed Dr. Oz’s new TV show. She likes his topics about maintaining a healthy lifestyle so you’ll live well into your 90s.

Then she asked my neighbor Bob, a friendly old soul, if he watched and liked Dr. Oz.

His response shocked her:

“HELL NO, I can’t stand the guy!”

So she asked him why.

“I’m 85 years old and he keeps talking about ways to live till your 100. And I don’t want to live till I’m 100. He’s got no idea about how us older folks feel about that topic, and obviously he’s never bothered to find out or he wouldn’t keep harping on it.”

The light bulb flashed in my head.

It’s just like marketing – you need to intimately know your audience to successfully capture and hold their attention.

In this case – the show seems to be more focused towards 53 year old women than 85 year old men. And my guess is that’s how the good ole’ doctor planned it.

Obviously, Bob hated the guy – but then again – Dr. Oz didn’t really have anything to offer that was important to him.


What do you think?

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Merrill Clark
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