Marketing your New Hampshire business with networking groups

I’m sure you’ve heard all the usual ways to market your business:

Space ads, postcards, sales letters, websites, and on and on.

But have you tried networking groups that give you the opportunity to give and receive qualified referrals on a more consistent basis?

There a many referral groups around, but one that’s provided me a good source of prospects is BNI.

BNI is an international organization with chapters in about every area of the country.

They have weekly meetings and are structured in a way that’s been proven to be effective at maximizing the member’s time and number of referrals given.

The investment is affordable, and you do have to make a time commitment to be at each meeting and to meet and learn about the other members.

“Givers Gain” is the motto, and the group is built on relationships, trust, and giving.

Basically – the more you give – the more you get.

So if you’re looking for a way to network that seems to be head and shoulders above any local Chamber of Commerce meetings, consider visiting a local BNI group. You can find local chapters and more about it at

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Merrill Clark
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