How to include real proof in your sales copy

I’m sure you’ve seen websites and ads that include inflated or unsubstantiated claims about their products, services, and companies.

For example:

“We’re the leading parts distributor in Southern New Hampshire”  or “Rockingham County’s #1 Auto Dealer”

They’re just empty fluff words written to fill up space…

And because you see them so often, you may even be immune to them.

It seems like every business inflates their claims of being the best – but should they?

I don’t think so. Who cares or believes claims that just aren’t true. Heck – they don’t even sound real.

What you, as a business professional, need in your marketing materials is tp provide proof that differentiates you from your competition’s claims. In other words, actual, valid proof about the claims you make.


4 ways to make your advertising claims more credible

     • Third party endorsements
     • Valid statistics
     • Success stories
     • Before & after comparisons

Start using these in your sales copy today and deliver the proof your prospects want to see.

Let me know your comments!

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To your marketing success!

Merrill Clark
Website and Marketing Copywriter

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