You’ll sell more – if you can answer this one-word question in your sales copy

NH small business owners love to discover secrets of writing better sales copy, so let me give you one.

Every time my buddy asks (or tells) his 5 year-old son to do something, he always responds with a question – “Why?”

And if you have young kids, you know where I’m coming from.

What I didn’t realize until recently though, is how important the question “why?” is with regards to writing ad or sales copy.

Why, you ask? (no pun intended)

It’s quite simple really…

Because if your copy can answer that question, it will have a much better chance of getting your readers to respond.

Answering it will overcome the possible objections and obstacles they have, but only if you answer it to their satisfaction.

Plus it provides a “reason why” – just make sure it’s believable.

Basically, if you can write copy that the reader looks at, and they don’t have to ask “why?”, then you’ve done your job.

Let me know your thoughts on this…

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To your marketing success!

Merrill Clark
Website and Marketing Copywriter

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