15 marketing & advertising power tips for NH small business owners… Part 2

Today is Part 2 of the 15 Profitable Marketing Power Tips you should use in every marketing or advertising technique you use to promote your business.

Let’s say you came up with a blockbuster headline that really got people’s attention.

But what do you do next to compel readers to continue reading your ad or sales copy?

Profitable Marketing Power Tip #2:

In simple terms – you have to give them a reason to.

You see, most people are squeezed for time and being pulled 20 directions at the same time. So your copy must quickly resonate with them in the first sentence, or their gone.

And if their gone – they’re sure not going to buy.

Fortunately, there are many ways to interest your reader enough that they keep reading.

Just make sure you follow up on any promises or questions you make in the headline that got their attention in the first place.

One way is to incorporate a story that hits a nerve with your readers to demonstrate an understanding of their own feelings, problems, and desires, and how you will help them.

Using people’s natural curiosity is another common technique used to keep them reading.

And there are many other ways, but always remember the marketer’s motto: WIIFM!

(What’s in it for me)

Because as soon as you’re not talking about your reader, you’ve lost em.

And losing ‘em – well…it doesn’t help you at all now, does it?

So whatever you write – keep their attention, and they’ll keep reading. Then you have the chance to make a sale.

Let me know your thoughts on this…

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To your marketing success!

Merrill Clark
Website and Marketing Copywriter