15 marketing & advertising power tips for NH small business owners… Part 3

Today is Part 3 of the 15 Profitable Marketing Power Tips you should use in every marketing or advertising technique you use to promote your business.

Exactly what makes people buy?

Is it because buying this widget makes sense?

Sometimes it is, but not usually.

Studies have shown that most buying decisions are actually made based on emotions, not logic.

Think about this example for a second…

Do you really need an expensive car like a Mercedes? Um… NO.

Do you want a Mercedes? If you do – it’s because you want to be associated with the status it gives you, or you’ll look cool to your friends.

You’ll buy it on emotion. Then to justify it to your better half, you’ll explain how the engine runs smoother, and the quality is so fine, and how all the other bells and whistles will help you drive better.

Now you’re justifying it with logic.

Profitable Marketing Power Tip #3:

Make sure all of your sales and marketing copy appeal to the emotions of your reader.

Remember, all buying decisions are driven by emotions and then justified with logic.

Let me know your thoughts on this…

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