Marketing takes a back seat to life … and sometimes death

Since the recent death of my son, I’ve come to the overwhelming realization that marketing and business is not the most important thing in the world.

Your life and family is the most important thing in your world! (at least, it should be)

It’s been 5 weeks now, and my mind and heart is still riding an emotional roller coaster, with just about every emotion known to mankind.

And with all those powerful emotions running around inside, it hit me like a ton of bricks…

I’ve come to realize the things in life that are really important, and the things that don’t mean a damn thing in the overall scheme of things.

And you know what? Over the last 5 weeks – marketing, which is my business, hasn’t even existed in my world.

It’s amazing the things I’ve come to realize that just don’t matter at all.

Taking care of my wife and the rest of my family and friends have taken complete priority, and will continue to do so.

Now that doesn’t mean I won’t work my business hard. Of course I have to… the bills still have to be payed.

It just means that I’ll work hard and pay more attention at taking care of love and life itself while I’m still around.

Business will happen.

Unfortunately, it took my son’s suicide for me to learn this valuable lesson.

What does all this have to do with marketing and business and generating leads?

Probably nothing at all.

But I feel a lot better sharing this so maybe you won’t be writing a similar story in your lifetime.

And in case you’re wondering… You’ll start getting new marketing and business tips in this blog soon. As soon as my brain says…

Let’s GO!

Thanks for listening, your cards, prayers, and your support…


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To your marketing success!

Merrill Clark
Website and Marketing Copywriter

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