How To Write Compelling Optimized Web Copy – Part 4

Last week, we talked about the backbone of successful, optimized web copy: Researching for the right keywords.

Today’s in Part 4 of How to Write Optimized Web Content

I’m going to explain why I spend the time to research and learn about your product or service – before I write a single line of web copy.

How does your product or service
benefit your prospects and customers?

It’s ironic how often most people can’t answer that simple question.

Or… maybe it’s not really that simple?

Regardless – this question must be answered before you or I can write web copy that attracts prospects to your website, and then compels them to contact you instead of your competition.

And this is where hiring a professional web copywriter can make the difference between night and day…

I’m sure you already know this, but to be most effective, each of your web pages should be optimized for only one primary product, using the keywords that you’ve already researched.

So here’s what I do next.

Once the product or service is determined, I spend my time to research the specific product. I’ll learn all about it including:

  • Product details
  • Why people use it
  • How people use it
  • The benefits they will get from using it
  • The industry jargon (words) your prospects may use to search for it
  • Who else provides your product
  • How your product is different from your competitor’s
  • And more…

To get this crucial information, I often look at websites, magazines, books, and sometimes even do my own surveys.

As I research, I take notes…

It usually involves several hours of research – but this is part of what takes to write a compelling and effective web page.

Or… your web page will sit there like a bump on a log – in the middle of nowhere.

Only then can you even think about starting to write web copy that rocks.

A friendly reminder – Write the copy for your readers first, and for search engines second.

In summary…Even if you think you know your product – research it anyway – and think about all the different things I look for.

I’ll betcha’ learn something new!

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In case you missed the first two parts of this series, here are the links.

Till next week then…

What are your thoughts?

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To your marketing success!

Merrill Clark
Website and Marketing Copywriter

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