How To Write Compelling Optimized Web Copy – Part 6

Optimized web copy is the key that gets readers to act now – plus attract the search engines and more visitors to your website:

But writing effective SEO web copy is a process, not a single event.

Today in Part 6 of How to Write Optimized Web Content…

You’re gonna’ see what else you need in your copy – copy that follows your headline.

The copy on each page must expand on the headline you’ve written, and be engaging and valuable enough for your visitors to spend some more of their precious time checking out your site.

It should be clear, concise, and compelling. While at the same time include your primary keywords for each specific page.

Make sure your web copy is believable, interesting, and easy to understand.

Different components you should include in the copy of every web page are:

  • Emotional benefits the reader will get with your product or service
  • Why they should do business with you, instead of your competition
  • Statistics and specifics to back up any claims you make about yourself
  • Testimonials from happy clients to show “social proof” that you’re as good as you say. (People are skeptical, and more often believe what others say about you)
  • A great offer that’s so good, they’d have to be brain dead to pass it up
  • A powerful guarantee that makes it risk-free for them
  • And a call-to-action that tells your readers exactly what you want them to do next. (call, visit, click, etc.)

After you write your copy, sleep on it, or set it aside for a few days. You’ll find words that don’t sound right, or are confusing or unnecessary. Change ‘em, or delete them.

Repeat that step at least on more time.

Then have a spouse or a friend read it to make sure your message is clear and compelling.

Hope these tips help … and if you want to get the best results that you can, consider hiring a professional web copywriter. That would be me. : – )

In case you missed the first parts of this series, here are the links.

Till next week then…

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