Using Short Online Videos to Promote Your Local Business

How to use inexpensive YouTube marketing videos to get more web traffic, more customers, and promote your brand


Undeniably, Google is the largest search engine in the world… but what you may not know, is based on the number of searches and queries, the second largest search engine isn’t Yahoo or Bing… it’s YouTube.

You know – the video site – and it’s owned by Google … which is pretty convenient.

Dunno about you, but it sounds like a 1…2 winning punch winner to me if you want to get better online results.

Today I want to give you a few ways you can use YouTube videos to promote your business.

The best part… it’s simple and inexpensive, maybe even free if you can do the video yourself.

Plus… online videos have been proven to improve your website’s traffic and boost your search engine results.

Right from the video expert’s mouth…

I was recently talking with Tim Benoit from Timeless Images & Memories, a video production company about businesses using video, and he gave me some great ideas for me and my clients.

His business is to create short videos for business owners that engage prospects and customers, increase web traffic, and improve online business presence, so he knows his stuff.

And Tim assures me the cost for videos is affordable for any small business owner, and the tiny investment will pay for itself many times over.

You can put ‘em on YouTube, share then on Twitter or Facebook, embed them in your website or blog, and link to them from your e-mail marketing campaigns.

So – What type of videos can you make?

There are many ways you can use video to market your business, so I’m only going to name a few.

  • Create a video testimonial from one of your happy clients, maybe even showing them using your product – People feel much better about doing business with you if they see and hear about other happy customers
  • Answer a common question – People crave valuable information about specific topics, and answers to questions from a guru on the subject matter
  • Tell your existing customers about a new product or service – a property & casualty insurance rep could make one about adding snowmobile or boat insurance to your insurance policy
  • Explain the latest news headlines – A local hearing aid company could create a video explaining: “How the new law forces insurance companies to pay for hearing aids”
  • Create a short tutorial – Show how to use your products in a common situation… For example: A computer store could make a video called “How to replace your toner cartridge”, or a personal fitness trainer could create one called: “How to do the perfect crunch”

It’s almost endless how many ways you can use online video to promote your business. The only limitation is you.

And like anything… if you don’t try it or do it… it ain’t likely to work at all.

What are your thoughts?


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To your marketing success!

Merrill Clark
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