Free tool tells you if your web copy is targeted to your visitors

Is your company’s web copy focused on your readers… or is it all about you?

First, let me explain why you, Mr. or Ms. Business Professional, should even give a rat’s behind.

It’s pretty simple actually, assuming you want your website to generate more leads, more paying customers, and more sales.

You should care because the more your visitors think your website copy is talking to them, and about their needs, the better chance you’ll have of engaging them enough to read it, and just maybe, turn them into a loyal customer.

The problem though, is most web copy is written by business owners or designers, and ends up having just the opposite effect you want it to. It talks more about the company and how great they are – instead of focusing on the reader.

And the reader couldn’t care less about you right then. They want to see if you help them with whatever problem they have, and that’s it.

So how can you tell if your copy is reader focused… or “we-we” focused?

In a nutshell – the words I, me, we, and our are “we-we” focused.

And words like you, yours, and you’ll are “customer” focused.

The key is to use more customer focused words than “we-we” focused words in your copy (which, by the way, is harder than you think – but I can help you with that  -:)

Remember – you want it to be all about the customer.

This free tool can help you out

I ran across this free tool called the “Customer Focus Calculator We-We Monitor”.

Simply enter the website URL into the testing box, and it will give you a down and dirty “we-we” focus score based on the text it finds.

It’s pretty interesting, and I find it pretty accurate.

So check it out today, and see how you can improve your web copy to be more about your customer than you.

What are your thoughts?

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