End the rejection of making cold calls forever

Get more leads without cold-calling

If you don’t like cold calling (personally – I hate it)…

Then this marketing tip may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Think about this…

Isn’t it much easier to talk with a prospect who expressed interest in your product or service by contacting you first?

We call ‘em “warm” prospects, because you know they at least have a need. And it certainly beats the hell out of cold calling them.

So how do you generate “warm” leads that contact you?

In theory, it’s pretty simple:

Create a compelling guide or report containing information your target market craves. It doesn’t have to be long… 1-3 pages works fine.

Instead of selling your product or services directly in a low cost space ad, an e-mail, or a letter…

Offer them your free guide or report with the information they desperately want. In exchange, all you want is their contact information.

Use an attention getting headline to target your audience, and include a call-to-action that tells them how to contact you.

Create your compelling guide or report. It doesn’t have to be long… 2-4 pages is usually fine.

Then, once they contact you, make sure to mail it to them right away.

And if your report is good, your phone will start ringing off the hook.

Proven topics you might use are:

  • How to…
  • 7 Secrets about…
  • 5 Mistakes most people…

Free Lead Generation ToolFor example, I recently saw a great example of a “free guide”. This particular one was formatted in a 3”x5” 3-page booklet and had a decent title “The Field Guide to the Benefits of Home Ownership”.

In this case, it was inserted in a magazine that their target market commonly read.

But you can just print a report on regular paper, or even make an audio or video CD. The physical format doesn’t matter as much as the content, but is still important.

The cool thing about a uniquely formatted guide is you can use them for various things such as handing them out at networking events, replacing traditional brochures (unless your brochures are really good, which most aren’t).

And the best part – YOUR  business can use this technique to generate warm leads, and then use the telephone to follow up with the people who request the report… no cold calling required!

Give me a holler when you’re ready to get more warm leads using my Ultimate Lead Generation Package that includes an ad, an e-mail, a letter, and a special report – all for one special price.

What are your thoughts?

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To your marketing success!

Merrill Clark

Website and Marketing Copywriter

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