The importance of business disaster prevention

Why it’s crucial for your business to
have a disaster recovery plan

Guest article by:
Yehuda Cagen of Xvand Technology Corporation

Okay – Betcha I know what you’re thinking…

What does disaster recovery have to do with marketing?

To be honest… nothing… or maybe everything. It all depends.

But one of the reasons you appreciate me so much (I know you do) is because I’m a trusted resource for you and your business. Even for things not related to marketing at all.

So today… No marketing advice… no sales pitch…

Just great (and super-important) information about protecting your business that you’ve worked so hard to build.

And I think you’ll find it valuable and interesting.

Oh… some of this information really is relevant to your marketing after all. Especially when it comes to your website and your e-mail systems.

Without further delay, take it away Yehuda!

Find out why business continuity and disaster recovery is so important for small and midsized business:

What are your thoughts?

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