Business Cards and Dirt Cheap Billboards

Who said billboard advertising had to cost thousands of dollars a month?

Billboard advertising with business cardsWhen you think of billboards, we think of the giant roadside signs that are used by business to advertise their products or services.

And yes… the cost to advertise your business on one of those behemoths can run you some serious dough. And if your ad doesn’t get attention, deliver a message, and give a reason to contact you… Then your investment will be a big waste of money.

So here’s a kinda outside-the-box thought for you…

Everybody uses business cards, right?

Then why don’t you use your business cards as your own billboard?

Think about it… For about $95, you can get a box of 1000 high quality business cards from a local printing company. I use and recommend Elite Printing Group in Exeter NH.

If you take my advice, and instead of using them for branding purposes, use it like a space ad or billboard that will get some response.

Include an attention-getting headline that shows the recipient how they’ll benefit or how you’ll help them solve their problem. Do this instead of putting your name and business name in big letters. (Remember, nobody cares about your business name at this point in the relationship)

Use both sides, include a couple of bullet points, an offer, and a call to action that will prompt interested people to contact you.

And of course, don’t forget your contact info.

Here’s a general concept most businesses can use…

Business card generic layout front

Front of card

Business card layout back

Back of card

Now… there will be some who’ll complain about this advice, (usually graphic designers) and want to make it look pretty, instead of delivering a sales message.

My answer to that is: Of course you want it to look good, so make the design look pretty and professional as you want, but don’t sacrifice the message for the sake of design and looking pretty. Balance is key… grasshopper.

The bottom line – Do you want it to look pretty, or do you want to use it to get new customers to call you?

I know it’s not a real billboard… but if you do it right… ou’ll have your own personal billboard – for the price of a business card.

What do you think? (Leave your reply below)

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Merrill Clark

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4 thoughts on “Business Cards and Dirt Cheap Billboards

  1. Laurie Widmark

    I think it’s a great idea! We’ve found these mini brochures (twice the the size as biz cards folded in center) in Europe. Saves paper, $ and gives the buyer or visitor enough information to proceed.

  2. Merrill Post author

    Thanks for your comment.

    Getting the reader to act should be the bottom line motivator in any marketing materials, not just showing off a pretty picture.

    (Of course, depending on the business, a pretty picture could work great WITH great copy.

  3. Merrill Post author

    You’re absolutely right, Beth!

    And to accomplish that in a limited, small space can be a challenge.

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