Custom Facebook Fan Pages that Engage Your Clients and Prospects

Why Facebook fan pages can help you grow your small business

It’s no secret that building strong, lasting relationships with customers and potential customers is one of the primary goals of marketing.

But to build those relationships… you must engage them by giving them useful and valuable information.

Of course… there are many ways to do that offline and online, but one way that’s building up a lot of steam and seems to work well for many local businesses

It’s by taking advantage of a custom FaceBook Fan Page so you can  build up a list of loyal followers.

Now, I’m not talking a default fan page, but one that can be designed to look almost identical to your website design.

And it can also be used to integrate your social media comments and posts with your website, so they almost appear as one “site” to your readers.

You still need to provide the content your readers want

Then it’s up to you to provide the actual information that persuades them to “Like” you, and read your promotions, news, and other info.

So how do you get started?

You know I am design challenged, so I won’t be doing it… But a local web designer I work with can whip up one for you in no time, and the low cost will blow you away.

Simply contact Amy Toussaint of Euforic Design at 603-534-3586, or e-mail her at

You can get more information from Amy about her Custom Facebook Fan Page special at

(As a matter of fact, she’s offering a special promotion for custom Fan Pages through the end of September)

Note*** I’m not getting a penny from this… other than knowing you’re getting hooked up with a fantastic local designer, ( she’s local to me, but can help you no matter where in the country you are), and I know Amy will take great care of you.

Oh… and make sure you tell her Merrill sent you. -:)

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