Why this common marketing advice never generates leads

You might not know it, but there’s a big marketing lie going around.

If you own a business, and have tried your hand at marketing (which, by the way, should be your primary function), you’ve probably heard this common marketing advice… often from experienced marketing pros.

“To generate new leads for your business, you need to spend either time… or money… or both.”

But I don’t believe this for a minute, and neither should you!

Before I go on… let me just say “There is some truth in it, but it’s just not completely accurate”.

Let me explain…

Are you wasting money and time on ineffective marketing?

To generate qualified leads for your business, you can spend tons of money creating websites, buying leads, renting mailing lists, sending direct mail promos, whipping out postcards, and printing up brochures.

And all of these can be (probably should be) important pieces of your marketing strategy.

Then again, if you’re short on funds, but have spare time, the other thing you can do is spend the time instead of money. Compile lists of leads manually, from the phonebook, or from the Internet. And go to all the free networking events in your area. Put cheap flyers on windshields at the mall. Whatever you can do with your time

 Here's the missing piece of your marketing puzzleBut unfortunately for many business owners, neither of these techniques are effective, because there’s one vital piece of the puzzle that’s missing…

Your knowledge about marketing basics!

If you don’t know marketing basics, it won’t matter if you spend 24 hours a day, or if you spend more money than Donald Trump.

Why is that? Because all you do is waste your time and money doing all the wrong things… ones that won’t work… because you don’t know the basics.

Spending time or money – yea, it will work – but only if you add “know-how” to the equation.

The know-how is…

  • Knowing who your target market is
  • Knowing what your prospects want
  • Knowing how you can solve their problem
  • Knowing the best way to reach them, affordably
  • And knowing what will persuade them to take action now

Once you know the answers to these questions, then spend your time or money using this powerful information, your chances of generating new leads will go through the roof.

You’ll be in a much better position to reach the right people, write better sales copy, and persuade more of your target audience to contact you for your products and services.

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To your marketing success!

Merrill Clark

Website and Marketing Copywriter

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2 thoughts on “Why this common marketing advice never generates leads

  1. Carol B.


    I’ve done alot of different types of marketing and have wasted alot of money not knowing who my tarket marget is and what strategy I should be using. Very frustrating. Great article! Thank you for the information.

  2. Merrill Post author

    Hey Carol,

    All I can say… is you’re not alone! -)

    And you’re welcome… Glad you found it helpful, and let me know if I can help.

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