Make your website’s home page a client magnet

5 ways to get more clients from your website’s home page

If you want to attract more qualified visitors to your small business website, and want to convert more of those readers to clients, then your home page needs these 5 things.

(If you don’t have a business website… shame on you, but that’s another topic)

Go ahead and look at yours… see how it measures up.

  1. There must be an eyeball grabbing headline that immediately tells the reader they’re in the right place.
  2. The copy needs to be compelling and conversational, so people will want to read more. Don’t be afraid to show your personality (without going overboard, of course.) Make the words fun and easy to read.
  3. Make sure your copy talks about the reader, not about you. (we call it “reader focused”. What’s in it for them? How can you solve their problem?
  4. Optimize your home page for your SEO (search engine optimization) using your primary keywords in the headlines, the copy, and the links to other pages. Just make sure not to stuff a bunch of them in the copy for the sake of using them.
  5. Show the benefits your reader will get from your product or service — don’t just rattle off product features and specs.

If your home page doesn’t get the results you’d like, usually because it’s missing one of these 5 components, I can help, so get in touch with me for more information.

Merrill’s use of words make the “face” of my site capture reader’s attention, and focuses on them to compel them to read the whole page and more. If you want your website copy to convey your sales message in the best possible light, I strongly urge you to talk to Merrill.  He’s worth every penny and much more!
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If you need help with website design, writing SEO optimized web copy, email marketing, or other online marketing strategies, I can help!

To your marketing success!

Merrill Clark

Website and Marketing Copywriter

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5 ways to get more clients from your home page

2 thoughts on “Make your website’s home page a client magnet

  1. Carol Burgard

    You’ve given my some good information to think about Merrill. The idea of reader focused copy. Hmmmm…… interesting. I also like the idea of adding some personality to my website. Too often I get stuck in the “professional” arena. Fun…I like it!


  2. Merrill Post author

    Yea… It’s way too easy to get stuck in “professional”. It happens to me, once in a while, too. But you just have to keep thinking…

    “People are people” – They’re not robots – hey have emotions and personalities, too. (at least most of ’em, anyway).

    Thanks for your comment, Carol!

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