How to write email subject lines that practically force your readers to open them

It’s a fact that e-mail marketing and follow-up is a powerful and effective tool to generate leads and sales…

Seriously… There are no postage and printing costs to worry about, so the total cost of sending a promotional e-mail is next to nothing. You just need a list of names and e-mail addresses, plus some kick-ass e-mail copy.

So why aren’t more businesses getting results?

It’s like this… no matter how many e-mails you send out, the first thing that must happen, and one of the keys to a successful e-mail campaign is getting the recipient to open the darned e-mail.

The percentage of readers who open your e-mail is called the open rate, and the percentage can be pretty dang low.

Okay, so how do we boost the open rates?

The best way to increase the open rates of your e-mails is to use a powerful subject line – one that makes them want to open it and see what’s inside.

But unfortunately, that’s where many e-mailers stumble.

You see, most e-mail subject lines are boring, uninformative, or full of words that shoot it right on down to the junk or spam folder, where you’ll probably never even see it. (In reality, sometimes good subject lines go there, too)

And guess what? If your email isn’t seen, it sure as heck will never be read.

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Here are some different tips anyone can use to create a subject line that will get your e-mails opened more often:

  • Inform them of something valuable or important
  • Use intrigue
  • Personalize it by using the recipient’s name
  • Include your “brand”
  • Ask a provocative question
  • Introduce a special offer

Your subject line has the same purpose as a headline – you need to get your reader’s attention and interest so they will open your email.

And then you need to test, test, test. Then you will know what headlines work the best in any given situation.

How does your e-mail marketing stand up? Let me know.

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