Why your web copy should be professional AND fun

Who says your web copy can’t be fun and professional, too?

Yawn…. so sleepy… uh oh… snoring… zzzzzzzzzzzz…..

Oh no… your web copy has bored this reader to tears…

And that’s usually bad… very bad…

But I’m sure it’s not your website. Your website looks and sounds very professional.

And that might be okay for you, but what about your reader?

Is it okay for them? Or do they fall asleep – or worse – leave your site completely because the copy is so dry, they quickly get bored?

So here’s my web marketing newsflash of the week:

Real people with real feelings and real personalities don’t want to read dry, boring, stuffy copy.

For example… Here’s a website that uses personality in their web copy better than many. Check it out at www.theskinnytowel.com.

In addition to finding a solution to their problems, they’re more likely to keep reading if your copy has some personality and reasons to respond?

Think about it… you have a personality (just like your reader), so why not show some of it in your copy.

Engage their emotions. People react to personality.

You see, even the executive managers and purchasing agents have lives and feelings. Your sales copy has to appeal to those feelings so they will read and react to your offers.

If it doesn’t, well… in the trash it will go!

I can hear you saying now… “In my business, it has to sound dry and professional”.

I don’t believe it for a second, no matter what profession you’re in. There’s absolutely no reason your website can’t look and sound professional, and still let your personality shine through. It’s a balance.

Though it may not be easy for you, it can be done… and it will almost always be more effective…

Think… “hire a copywriter”…

I’d love to hear your comments below…

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Merrill Clark

Website and Marketing Copywriter

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