Target local customers in your back yard with this new Postal Service program

New Postal Service program lets you promote your business using direct mail to target any neighborhood you want… no mailing list or bulk permit needed

Did you ever wonder how you could cost-effectively target every household within a specific neighborhood, a zip code, within a certain radius, or even certain USPS mail carrier routes?

Now you can!

The USPS Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM for short) program lets you do just that.

And it’s easy, with low postage costs as little as 14.5 cents per piece.

Now… for most businesses, I usually don’t recommend sending non-targeted direct mail, which is what this program is – except for the geographic targeting part, BUT… there are exceptions.

For example, your business may depend on attracting customers who are literally in your backyard, or within a mile or two from your business, and you don’t want to blanket a larger area with thousands of postcards.

Well then… this program may be perfect for you.

Note*** If you want to mail bulk postcards to a much larger local area, Peter Gorman at in Dover NH can help you with that. (Sorry Peter… the EDDM program may be a good option for smaller mailers -:) )

Can you take advantage of the EDDM program?

I see it working well for restaurants, auto repair, salons, stores, pizza and sub shops, shoe stores… any other business that are looking for customers in close proximity.

Here’s how one client currently uses EDDM…

As we speak… one of my home improvement company clients wants me to create over-sized postcard for this program.

You see it all the time… when a company does painting or windows, they’ll often put up a small sign in front of the house, right on the street, so the neighbors can all see it when they drive by.

In this case, they’re also going to mail out a lead generation postcard to all the homes on that street, and the intersecting streets within a quarter mile… in their case, around 500 households.


Summary of the benefits of EDDM

(at least how I interpret them from their not-so-clear marketing materials)

  • As low as 15 cents per piece postage
  • Easy to use – just sign up, create and print your postcard, take ‘em to the Post Office
  • Several sizes of over-sized postcards are accepted – 6.5×9, 8.5×11, and others
  • No bulk permit needed (and the associated requirement)
  • Mail as few as 200 per day, or up to 5000 per day
  • Online software lets you choose zip, city, street address, radius, or even specific carrier routes
  • You don’t need to buy a mailing list

For more information about the EDDM program:


As always, make sure your postcard includes a great headline to get your reader’s attention, an offer they can’t refuse, and a clear call to action so they know what to do.

If you want my help with that part of it, get in touch with me to discuss your project in more detail.

Use them, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the increased response you’ll get.

I’d love to hear your comments below…

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