The marketing guarantee that’s always true … Guaranteed!

Yep… I know… I’m always harping on you to add powerful and meaningful guarantees to your sales copy, or to improve the one you already have.

But I’m doing it for your own good – so you’ll get better results.

So… down to business, and it will be quick.

The guarantee I mentioned in the subject line doesn’t actually have anything to do with this. It’s something different…

But it’s no less important!

It’s something that I was reminded of while talking with a client recently who was just going to sit back and wait for the economy to change, hoping customers flock to his business, all without investing any time or money to promote his business.

Of course… that’s a fantasy. But why?

Because of the fail-proof marketing guarantee:

If you don’t do or try anything to market your business…
you won’t get positive results – guaranteed!

To bust out of a slump, don’t be afraid to try different things to get ahead.

I’m not saying to spend a ton of money on unproven techniques, but think outside the box a little. You may be surprised of the results you get.

And if it doesn’t work, don’t consider it a failure. It’s just one thing that didn’t work. Figure out why, make a change, and try something else.

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To your marketing success!

Merrill Clark

Website and Marketing Copywriter

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