6 ways to sabotage your company website

Is your website generating good sales leads for your business?

If it’s not, you may have unwittingly sabotaged it.

Note** This article is based on the assumption that you WANT to get leads from your website that will get your cash register ringing…

Frankly, there are a bazillion things that can prevent your web site from attracting and persuading customers, but I’m going to give you 6 common ones.

And the good thing… most of them can be fixed without breaking the bank.

So here we go!

Wimpy headline or no headline at all

A powerful, eye-popping headline that quickly shows readers how you can help them is arguably the most important part of your web page. If it doesn’t get your reader’s attention and compel them to continue reading, then you’ve lost them.

Complicated, self-serving words

The words you use in your web copy can be so complicated, even a college graduate doesn’t understand what you do. Have you ever read (or more accurately – try to read) something that’s so technical that you just give up?

It happens all the time, so include simple words and phrases that your average reader can quickly grasp.

Your web copy talks all about you

Your website is about your reader, not you or your company. Obviously you want them to know what you do, but it’s important to make your web copy talk directly to them, and how dealing with you will benefit them.

Use the words “you” and “your” more often than you use “I” or “we”.

The text is difficult to read

Make it as easy to read as you can. Headlines should be bigger than the body copy, and keep paragraphs short. It’s easier to read 3 or 4 lines per paragraph than one long paragraph that goes on forever. Simply reformatting it can increase the number of people who actually read it by 200-300%.

No proof statements

People like to know they are making a good choice and that you are the BEST. Detailed comments and testimonials from happy clients are a simple way to let your prospective customers know how good you are.

No call to action

Too many web pages don’t tell the reader what to do next. Use a call to action on every web page. At the very least, put one at the end of the page, and maybe even sprinkle a couple throughout the copy.

It could be as simple as “Call Joe at 123-456-7890 for a free estimate”, or “Sign up for our email list and get a 10% off coupon”. Lead your reader to the next step.

Do you make any of these mistakes?

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To your marketing success!

Merrill Clark

Website and Marketing Copywriter

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  1. Roger C. Parker

    Dear Merrill:
    Without admitting any mistakes or omissions, thanks for the concise and helpful advice+links.

    Worthy review and advice for anyone with a blog or website.

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