Supercharge your “Services” page for better SEO and conversion

Have you ever clicked on a Services page that made your head spin, because it talked about every one of the 15 services they offered?

Chances are, there was so little information about each one of them, you really didn’t know if they could help you or not.

It’s common for many to create a Services page like this, where you list everything you do on one page. But it’s certainly not effective for getting results, such as people calling you for quotes or to buy.

Are you wasting your web visitor’s valuable time?

It’s a waste of time for the web visitor. And unfortunately for the business, they squander an excellent opportunity to convert a reader to a customer.

Here’s what I recommend for your website’s Services page(s) strategy instead…

First – make a list of every service you offer. (Depending on how many and what they are, you could even lump them into categories)

Then – instead of writing one Services page with a brief summary about every service you offer – create and write a laser-focused page for EACH service on its very own page.

See a perfect example of doing it right at

Your Service page will be a pull-down menu that lists all your individual service pages, and may include a summary page about each service.

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This strategy kills two birds with one stone

Each page can be search engine optimized for  one service, so it increases the chance they’ll find it when people search.

Plus it’s a better experience for your web visitor, because there’s no doubt each page solves one specific problem.

In the headlines and web copy, use keyword phrases that people are likely to search for, and information that’s relevant only to that specific service, and make sure you tell them “what’s in it for them” and include all the great benefits they’ll get.

A kick-ass Services page will generate more sales

Unless you only have one or two services, don’t take the easy way out and put all of them on one page.

And don’t make the mistake of shortchanging yourself by saving a few bucks to write only one page. If you want any chance of getting found, then getting those visitors to call you, spend the money and do it right the first time by writing separate pages.

My rule of thumb… The Power of “1”

One web page = One focused service or product. It’s as simple as that.

Does your Services page attract visitors and convert them to paying customers?

If not – give me a call so we can work on it!

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Merrill Clark

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