Effective Marketing Depends on Engaging Your Customers

Why Customer Engagement is Such an Important Aspect of Marketing

Today’s article was written by a marketing colleague, Craig Robinson. Craig is the Editor and online customer engagement specialist for Facebook marketing company, Qwaya.

Regardless if you call it customer interfacing, customer engagement, or even customer relations, developing a bond and communicating with your customers is incredibly important. If you hope to be a successful brand on Facebook with longevity and a large following, engaging your customers is something that you cannot neglect.

Simply designing a great page and maintaining your business and aiming to please with quality products and services is not nearly enough – especially not in the age of social media.

When users visit Facebook, they’re expecting engagement, either from their end or from someone else’s end. No legitimate user—especially someone who would be inclined to use your business—visits this social networking giant just to hide in the shadows.

Users are constantly checking out materials and are actively seeking engagement. Giving them what they crave is vital to your success for quite a few reasons.

The Reasons Why Interfacing on Facebook is Essential

#1: Brand Recognition

When you see a huge company on Facebook like Ford or Apple or Coca-Cola, you see more than a heavily-advertised brand deciding to rest on its laurels. Sure, these large companies might actually be able to develop a following on their previous recognition alone, but if you notice how they advertise to the public on Facebook, they’re working hard to engage customers.

Their brand recognition increases exponentially. So, the moral here is that if a company that doesn’t have to do it per se still decides to do it, you know full well that customer engagement is important.

#2: Trust Building

Engagement can be synonymous with communication in a business context, and perhaps the only way you will ever develop real trust amongst a large network is to constantly engage with individuals. Working to build your customer relations will ultimately help you to build trust. People are more likely to trust a brand that’s willing to keep them engaged.

#3: Social Sharing

One of the rewards you can reap when using Facebook is the benefit of social context. Keeping your customers engaged and building trust will promote your business by way of your customers themselves. Whatever they like becomes part of their page and thus their friends see it and realize that your business is trustworthy and is willing to engage with customers.

#4: Quality Control

The more engaged you are with your customers, the more you will be able to realize if and when something goes wrong with your business. Even if it’s something very small, like a video not loading properly or a broken link on the other end of an external page ad, customer engagement is how you will ultimately be able to stay on top of these things to keep your customers satisfied.

Always remember that it’s very important that your customers are actually engaged with your business and that they’re actually happy. The idea is to actually treat Facebook how it was intended to be treated – as a social networking site.

About the Author: Craig Robinson is the Editor for Qwaya – A campaign tool. They focus on providing cost-efficient solutions for Facebook Ads. Besides writing about Facebook, Craig focuses on social context and customer engagement online. Follow Craig on Twitter here.

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