Does your marketing process work?

Are you wasting money on advertising because you haven’t completely thought through the whole process, from target market to offer to call-to-action?

Put it this way… If you don’t make sure everything in your marketing process makes sense, you’ll simply flush your money right down the toilet.

Here’s a recent example:

A ValPak coupon for a small local sub shop (the keyword being small) offered different levels of savings coupons…Sample coupon

$5 Off for orders over $35

$7 Off for orders over $50

Now… I don’t know whether the business owner or the coupon company came up with these offers… BUT…

I wonder how many of there customers actually spend $35 or $50 on an average order. My guess (and yes I have talked with owners of several shops in the area) is most people buy 1-3 subs, with an average range of $8-$20.

That being the case — how many coupons will they actually redeem? Probably not many – if any at all.

This promo might make sense if it was marketed specifically to an office park, but it sure seems to me that someone didn’t take the time think this through.

So, is this a waste of $600? Or is it a great example of useless “getting your name out there” advertising?

You decide, and let me know your thoughts below…

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To your marketing success!

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