Do you want your business marketing to give you better results?

Hell yeah, you do!

I don’t know of a single business owner who doesn’t want to generate more leads and sales from their marketing.

So here’s one simple (and often overlooked) technique that you should use on every ad, sales letter, web page, email, and brochure you use.

Let me repeat it. Use this technique on EVERY marketing-related material your company produces – even your business card!

Or don’t use it – at your own peril… Up to you.

This mistake is one I see all the time, (actually… it’s something I don’t see), and it blows my mind because it’s such a simple thing to do.

Sample Call to Action ideasYesterday, I saw it while critiquing copy a client’s self-written brochure. At the very bottom of one page was their telephone number, lonely, all by itself on one line.

Can you guess what the mistake is yet?

Well… I’ll tell you.

The phone number by itself is just a number. It doesn’t relate to anything in particular, or say why it’s there. It’s meaningless.

So I recommended they change it to “Call to schedule your FREE exam at 123-345-4567”.

Don’t make this mistake any more

Now it’s a statement telling readers exactly what you want them to do next.

In marketing terms… it’s called a Call to Action.

And if you don’t have one, people won’t know what to do, and usually don’t do anything.

You gotta tell them what you want! Period! Every time!

Now some of you probably think… “People are smart, so they will, too, know to call”.

But experience shows they won’t. And if they do, the full Call to Action almost always gets better results than a weak or no call to action.

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Did you  notice I told you what to do next if you’re building your own website?

Let me know your thoughts below…

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To your marketing success!

Merrill Clark

Website and Marketing Copywriter

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