Are you affected by one of these website conversion killers

Why don’t people contact your business after finding your website?


Okay… it’s a loaded question.

There are actually many reasons you don’t get qualified prospects or new customers from your website.

So I boiled ‘em down into what I call 10 big website conversion “killers”.

10 Reasons your website isn’t generating customers

1. Lack of purpose

Is your site’s primary purpose obvious to your reader?

Or does it try to accomplish too many things at once, confusing your readers?

Within 7 seconds or so, your readers expect to learn exactly what you do, how you can help them, and what the next step is. If they don’t, you’ll lose them.

2. Poor layout

Is your site’s layout and design simple and uncluttered so readers will keep reading?

Or is it “busy”, cluttered, and full of ads that will distract your reader?

You’ve probably heard the phrase “KISS”? (Keep it simple stupid)

It definitely applies to your website.

If it’s cluttered, then people’s eyes won’t know where to focus.

3. Too many or irrelevant graphics

Too many graphics can cause slow page loads, and impatient readers will go elsewhere.

Pictures and graphics that have nothing to do with your site and content have no place there, but many sites include them anyway.

Professional graphics and pictures should work closely with content to support and deliver a powerful message to your readers.

4. Too hard to read

Is your background black with white, yellow, or green text?

This comes across as an amateur website because of the colors used, but it’s very difficult to read, too.

Always use font sizes and colors that are easy to read. White backgrounds and black or dark text is best.

5. Confusing navigation

Does your menu structure make sense when people are looking for information?

Create categories and pages that make sense to your readers.

If they can’t easily find what they want – they’re gone!

Now go ahead and look at your own website, and be objective.

Pretend you’re an ideal prospect for your services and you came across it via search results.

Does it make any of these mistakes?

If it does, maybe it needs some professional help. I can help.

Keep your eyes open for next time, where I’ll give you the other 5 big website conversion “killers”.


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