The art of successful landing pages

Do your web landing pages
get the results you want?

So… lets start with my definition of a web landing page.

And depending on who you talk to, it can have several meanings.

To put it simply, a landing page is a laser-focused page on your website where people get directed to, usually from an online or a print advertisement.

It could theoretically be your Home page, a Product, Services page, or a long-copy sales page designed only to get readers to buy.

It could also be a very short page with the sole purpose of persuading readers to take a simple step like offering their contact info to get an email newsletter or download a free informational report.

I call this type of page a Squeeze page because it’s so short and concise, even though it’s used interchangeably with a Landing page.

What makes a Landing page successful?

This article I read from Target Marketing explains in pretty good detail what qualities are necessary for a Landing (or Squeeze) page to convert well.

It starts with having great page titles, eye-grabbing headlines, and professional design that makes it easy to read.

And that’s just the beginning of the work to create a Squeeze / Landing page that converts like gangbusters.

Here’s a great example of a Squeeze page I recently wrote for a client.

What do you think?

Chirpopractors who see an ad that tells them wow to become a healing superstar for their patients will be directed to that page, with the sole purpose of getting hem to enter their name and email. That’s it!

So take a peek at it, then look at the checklist at

If you were a chiropractor, would the page at compel you to sign up for the free case studies?

Do you think it will do well?

If you need a well-converting Landing or Squeeze page, I can help! Just contact me.

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