Successful people… and the power of words

Smart, successful people
benefit from the power of words
when they want to get great results

Why do we use words, anyway?

Simply put… Because the right words quickly and effectively communicate your thoughts, emotions, and feelings to other people.

For my purposes here, I’ll break down writing styles into 3 main groups: Literary (novels or fiction books), editorial writing, and persuasive writing.

Today’s topic is what I call persuasive writing, and why successful people use powerful words for business and personal success.

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Persuasive writing is usually used to sell directly from sales and advertising copy.

It can also be used compel people to take a specific non-selling action, such as getting people to join a group or to convince them to donate to your charitable cause.

Persuasive words must accomplish many things.

But when your goal is to get someone to take action, whether it’s a selling or a non-selling situation, you can’t just use any old words.

You have to use the right words to get your desired results.

What I mean by the right words are words that:

  • Grab your reader by the eyeball
  • Convey important benefits
  • Paint a vivid picture
  • Engage
  • Tell a story
  • Build trust
  • Persuade
  • Remove doubt
  • Reinforce ideas
  • Evoke emotions

Frankly… it’s not as easy as many people think to write persuasive copy.

Knowing which words are especially powerful and effective, and understanding when and how to use them usually takes years of practice and real-world copywriting experience.

If you want your reader to take a specific action in your sales copy or direct letter, an experienced direct response copywriter can almost always get better results.

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