Rotating picture sliders on your website causing blindness?

It’s true… Rotating sliders can be
bad for your business health

Did you ever go to a website where the top header consisted of a series of rotating pictures that weren’t relevant?

Did it drive you crazy because you didn’t have enough time to read the text because the picture rotated so quickly that you missed it?

Well… maybe you didn’t notice it at all. Or maybe you just ignored it (or at least tried to) so you could find the information you were looking for.

So what good is a slider?

I say they are counter-productive because that’s not why people come to your website. Your readers are there for information or to solve their problem – NOT look at rotating images.

As a matter of fact, I believe ignoring rotating images is a form of “banner blindness”, which is where you purposely or subconsciously ignore online banner advertisements because they’re an interruption.

But most of us find sliders hard to ignore because any movement on your screen immediately distracts us.

And though sliders can be wicked cool and many web designers insist on using them, most of the ones I’ve seen simply don’t serve a purpose. And the ones that do rotate far too quickly to be meaningful and fully understood.

Sliders are distractions

And anything that distracts your reader from your laser-focused message is JUST BAD for response and conversion rates.

Simple translation: Your reader will go to your competitor’s website, and you lose a potential customer.

Now I’m sure that there are web designers out there that will disagree with my comments, but the good web designers (and the ones I work with) understand the importance of the reader, and how your message and content relates to them.

So great designers use sliders sparingly, and only when there’s a good reason.

Remember: It’s all about your reader, PERIOD.

And don’t let your designer talk you into putting a slider on your website unless they can clearly explain why it will help persuade your reader to contact your business, not distract them.

What do you think about sliders? Simply comment below – I’d like to know.

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