Why selling iPads to a 60 year old grandmother from a Sports Illustrated ad is a bad idea

How about selling rooms in a retirement community to a teenager using e-mail?

What do you think… would either of these marketing campaigns actually work?

Probably not so good.

But why?

It all boils down to one fundamental principle in advertising.

The concept which many businesses and even some marketing professionals neglect to understand or use, thus getting lousy results from their advertising and marketing.

Legendary marketing guru, Dan Kennedy, calls it the Marketing Triangle.

In simple terms… Matching the right message … to the right market … using the right media…

And when it’s not understood and used properly – ads and marketing materials just won’t work as well as they could.

For example, let’s take the headline and first sentence.

So let’s say your business is selling iPads.

First of all, your typical 60- year old grandmother probably isn’t in the market for an iPad, and certainly won’t be reading the Swimsuit edition of SI. But maybe they’d read a printed sales letter, or look at an ad in “Retirement Living”.

The problem: You may have an exceptional sales message, but in this case, the message doesn’t match the target market OR the media.

The other example doesn’t work so well, either.

If your the marketing manager for a retirement home, understand that teenagers aren’t worried about retirement communities. Even though e-mail may be a good media to reach them, the message surely doesn’t match.

The solution: To get better marketing results – There must be a complete message to market to media match.

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