Rack cards make effective, low cost leave-behind marketing materials for sales reps

By Merrill Clark:
Web and Direct Response Copywriter

Are you a sales rep, or maybe a small franchise owner, selling insurance, power, payroll processing, credit card processing, or any other product or service?

Do you regularly pounding the pavement scrounging for your own leads, hoping to talk with the “right” person?

And more often than not, do you hear: “Sorry… the person you need to speak with (i.e. the owner) is out right now”?

No problem, right? You’ll just leave them a great printed marketing piece that will get their attention,

Marketing With Rack Cards

A rack card used as a leave-behind

so when you do follow up with them, they’ll talk with you.

But really… it’s a BIG problem!

Why? Because maybe you don’t have any good marketing brochures to leave behind that:

  • Uses a headline that gets their attention… quickly!
  • Conveys a powerful benefit that’s important to them
  • Gives them a great reason to listen to what you have to say

You need something to hand out now.

Another problem I see quite often, is companies don’t provide their internal or independent sales reps the good stuff.

In many cases… nothing at all.

Don’t despair, though.

If you believe in yourself and need to develop more qualified leads, there’s no reason you can’t develop your own marketing material to use.

Sometimes you gotta bite the bullet to help yourself succeed. Even if the company doesn’t have anything, why should you pass up good opportunities just because the person you need to speak with isn’t there?

The power of a simple, low-cost, but super effective rack card

Rack cards are simply a 3.5”x8.5”, 2-sided card or sheet that fits into a brochure holder.

They’re cheap to print, and because the reader doesn’t have to open them up or unfold them, they have a better chance of being read than a standard brochure.

Plus, if the sales copy and messaging is strong and targets the needs and problems your reader has, they are a very effective tool in getting the leads you need.

But the message has to resonate perfectly with your reader

That’s where I can help. No matter what your business is, I’ll write your rack card to persuade your intended reader to take your call, because it would be foolish for them to ignore you.

(Oh… My buddy Drew, at Elite Printing Group in Exeter, NH does a superb job, offers exceptional customer service, and his low pricing usually can’t be matched. Just tell him I sent you.)

Do you want a rack card to drop off at businesses you visit?

What do you use as a leave-behind when you can’t talk with the powers that be?

How does it work?

Give me a call at 603-686-5140.

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To your marketing success!

Merrill Clark

Website and Marketing Copywriter

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