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Your Website’s Primary Purpose Is Crucial To It’s Effectiveness And Success…

Do you know what this purpose is?

So you have your shiny, new web site up and running for the whole world to see.  Or maybe you don’t, but want to have one, because everyone else has one and you don’t want to be left out.

Either way, hopefully you’ve followed this first and very important rule of web site design that seems to be broken much of the time.

So what is this rule, anyway?

 Very important Rule #1:

*****There MUST be a “primary” purpose for the web site.*****

Sorry about all the asterisks…but I really want you to understand how crucial this statement is to the success of your website.

Close your eyes and think about this for a minute – What exactly do you want your web site to DO for you or your business?

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Basically, there are four “main” purposes of a web site, and I’ll quickly describe each one for you.

1. Selling Things (E-commerce)
2. Generate New Leads And Prospects
3. Providing Information Of All Kinds
4. Improving efficiencies of existing processes

Selling Things Online

  • Selling your own products from your site
  • Selling someone else’s products as an affiliate
  • Selling products through an online merchant such as Clickbank

To Generate Sales Leads

  • Gather lead information such as contact information, email addresses, to  efficiently follow up with them
  • Offer free information packets and/or free newsletters to subscribers that provide their contact information
  • You must provide something of value in order for folks to part with their information, though.
  • If done the right way, you can track response rates for a number of areas, such as newsletters opened, etc
  • The main idea here is to build a list in order to create and nurture wildly profitable client relationships!

Providing Valuable Information

  • Product or Service Information
  • Product brochures and spec sheets
  • Technical Information
  • User guides
  • Electronic Portfolio of your work, products, or services
  • Almost any kind of electronic material you could think of could be posted on your web site

Improving Process Efficiencies

  • Online scheduling/reservations
  • FAQ section that answers many common questions that a client would normally ask
  • Online design creators, such as Avery’s Business Card creator
  • Online Databases
  • Online forums e-zines, or blogs to share information

As you can see, there are many ways a web site can be used.  It can be designed to provide any or all of these functions, but you still must have a clear, definitive “primary” purpose for your web site in order for you to design an effective and money-making site using direct response copywriting techniques.

Well… that’s it for this time, and I will see you soon!

Coming up next time:

Building Up Your E-Mail List Part 1 of 4

Till next time!

Merrill Clark- Direct Response Copywriter
Marketing/Website Consultant
Crestview Marketing Services LLC


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