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“6 Proven Ways To Build Your E-mail List
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Part 4 of 4:

In the last two issues, I’ve shown you four techniques you can use to increase your website traffic and build up your e-mail list with qualified, profit generating leads.

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Today – you’re going to learn about the last two free and inexpensive techniques that many businesses use successfully.


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Okay…on we go to #5 and #6!

5. Joint Ventures (JV) Partnering

This can be a lucrative form of marketing your site. It involves finding other companies that would market your site to their customers. You would make an arrangement to swap traffic, swap links to and from your site, or it may involve paying a percentage of sales, or cost per lead.

The key is to research companies that would be a good fit for your product. For example, if you were selling pet supplies, you might get in touch with vetinarians, or a pet shop. Then contact their webmaster.

6. Good Old Direct Mail (Snail Mail)

Offline direct mail is perhaps the most underused method of lead generation. Many people have the perception that plain old mail doesn’t work any more because of the internet.

This is just plain wrong!

Sure, there are real costs involved here, such as postage, mailing list rental, paper, printing, etc, but if you create an effective ad that gives the reader a compelling reason to visit your site, and mail it to a targeted list, you should get a decent response.

And don’t discount this strategy. People still read the mail, more often than their e-mail. A recent study by the Direct Marketing Association that pitted on-line vs. off-line marketing showed that the response rate to get the prospect to the website was 28% higher when the lead generation means was mailed as a letter or catalog as opposed to an e-mail.

Remember, you need good copywriting skills to pull this one off effectively.

Coming up next time:

Why Powerful Headlines Are Vital To The Success Of Your Website

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